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Fiber Optic Connector
ESCON SM/MM Fiber Optic Connector Detail:


ESCON connectors derive their name from their original application, IBM's enterprise system connection (ESCON) for mainframe computers. ESCON connectors are similar to FDDI connectors, but contain a retractable shroud instead of a fixed shroud. Hybrid patch cords terminate one end with an ESCON connector and the other end with MT-RJ, LC, ST or SC can be made to your specific length requirements.



High Speed, Big Capacity SDH Fiber Transmit System

Fiber Communicate Public Network

Data Transmit Networks

Various Tests and Control System

Fiber optic link IBM ESCON networks

Peripheral control units

Storage devices




  • Low insertion loss and back reflection loss
  • Multi-mode connector
  • Designed to be compatible with the IBM ESCON system
  • Retractable shroud for ease of cleaning

·Insertion loss: < 0.3dB typical

  • Cable retention: 100N for 1min
  • Durability: 1000 mating
  • Couplings include: RSD to FSD, RSD to ST, and RSD to RSD
  • ceramic ferrules
  • Robust strain relief design.

·Positive latching mechanism

·High precision alignment

·Self aligning and free floating ferrule design

  • Operating temperature: -20 to +70ºC
  • Storage temperature: -40 +80ºC
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