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Fiber Optic Connector
MU SM 0.9mm Fiber Optic Connector Detail:


CATV                            Active device termination          Telecommunication networks

Video                            Local Area Networks (LANs)     Data processing networks

Industrial and medical     Premise installations               Wide Area Networks (WANs)



Low insertion loss and back reflection loss        NTT-MU hardware compatibility

NTT & JIS compliance                                     UL-rated plastic housing and boot

Tunable zirconia connector ferrule                     High precision alignment

Compact, pull-proof design                               Behind-the-Wall style short connector



-The connector can be supplied as a pre-assembled one-piece connector or as connector kits

-Clips are available for duplex connectors

-Housing kits without ferrule are available

-MU/PC and MU/APC are available

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