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ST/APC Fiber Optic Connector

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Fiber Optic Connector
Fiber Optic Connector
ST/APC Fiber Optic Connector Detail:

Low insertion loss, high return loss
Movable ceramic ferrule
UL grade plastic shell and the tail cuff
A variety of colors tail cuff
High-precision alignment

SX or DX, duplex optional belt buckle or belt buckle
Standard parts, ceramic ferrule, caudal peduncle length optional
Ordinary tail cuff or short-tailed set of optional
Can be pre-installed
Available parts with mortise

Insertion Loss: single-mode <= 0.20dB & multi-mode <= 0.25dB
Return loss: PC >= 50dB, UPC >= 55dB & the APC >= 65dB
Durability: <0.20dB, plug the number greater than 1000 times.
Operating Temperature: -40 oC to +80 oC
Ferrule aperture:
      SM: 125.0 +1 /-0μm concentricity <= 1.0μm
                125.5 +1 /-0μm, concentricity of <= 1.0μm
                126.0 +1 /-0μm concentricity <= 1.0μm
      MM: 125μm, Concentricity 1 <= 3μm
                127 μm the concentricity 1 <= 3μm
                128μm the concentricity 1 <= 3μm

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