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Fiber optic adapter
LC-FC SM SX Fiber optic adapter Detail:

LC-FC SM SX Fiber Adapter Brand: JFOPT

Adapter used for LC and FC fiber connection between the plug butt.


Optical Fiber Distribution
Optical fiber CATV equipment
Optical communication equipment
Optical instrumentation
Fiber Optic Test Equipment
Fiber optic connectors


Low insertion loss
Repeatability, good interchangeability
Size precision, matching
Excellent environmental stability
Compact design
Accord with Telcordia, ANSI, the TIA / EIA, NTT, JIS and other standards


Insertion Loss: <= 0.2dB
Repeatability: <= 0.2dB (1,000 sub-standard plug)
Interchangeability: <= 0.2dB
Operating temperature: -40  ~ +75 degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature: -40  to +80 degrees Celsius

Ordering options:
 Model: LC-FC
 pathway:  SX, DX, SM, MM
 main material: plastic, metal
 sleeve materials: ceramic sleeve, metal sleeve



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