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8U 19" Unit Drawer Style ODF Unit JFOPP-D144A

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8U 19" Unit Drawer Style ODF Unit JFOPP-D144A
 8U 19" Unit Drawer Style ODF Unit JFOPP-D144A Detail:

Model Capacity Size (mm) Thickness(mm)
JFOPP-D12A 12 Core 482×300×48 1.2*2.0*1.2
JFOPP-D24A 24 Core 482×300×88 1.2*2.0*1.2
JFOPP-D36A 36 Core 482×300×88 1.2*2.0*1.2
JFOPP-D48A 48 Core 482×300×132 1.2*2.0*1.2
JFOPP-D72A 72 Core 482×300×178 1.2*2.0*1.2
JFOPP-D96A 96 Core 482×300×223 1.2*2.0*1.2
JFOPP-D144A 144 Core 482×300×333 1.2*2.0*1.5

pdf.gif ODF unit JFOPP-D12-144A Specification

Generally, the ODF unit is a necessary part of the indoor optical distribution frame. 12 cores fusion splicing and distribution module plays the main role and its function is splicing, fiber storage and protection. A completed ODF unit will be with adapter, pigtail and accessories like splice protection sleeve, nylon tie, snake like tube, screw. Please confirm which type if you want adapter and pigtail with the ODF unit.


  • Standard 19” width
  • Capacity: 1-144fibers, 12fibers each module
  • The fusion splicing and distribution module is with sliding and can be pulled out separately.
  • Material of the metal box: Steel plates and aluminum alloy
  • Suitable for inserting installation of SC, FC, ST and LC adapter
  • Front covers can be opened, it is convenient for fiber connecting, supervising and maintaining

12-core Fusion Splicing and Distributing Module

  • Material of the module: plastic
  • Adapter installation and fusion splicing points fixed in the module
  • Suitable for ribbon and common cables
  • Fusion splicing and distributing can be operated in the same working panel.
  • Install adapter respectively.
  • It is better to use 0.9mm pigtail in the module
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