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Fiber optic closure
MAX 96 CORES Fiber optic closure Detail:

Maximum 96-pin cap type fiber optic closure box φ190x415

 Fiber Splice Joint Closure Dome Type


Box to add the import of high-strength engineering plastic, anti-aging is made ​​of stainless steel.
Splice Tray overlapping structure is easy to install
Apply to ordinary fiber and ribbon fiber
Have a good leak-proof function
Comprehensive and reliable sealing operation
Accessories complete, easy to operate
Optical fiber splice box can be repeatedly used
High reliability
Suitable for application in aerial and buried

Temperature range: -40 oC to +80 oC
Pressure: 70 ~ 106kpa
Package performance under normal temperature: Internal pressure 70KPa 72 hours did not decrease
High-temperature package performance: internal pressure 70KPa temperature of 60 oC, 168 hours did not reduce
Insulation resistance:> 104MΩ
Strength: 15KV (DC) breakdown, arcing
Additional loss: When the fiber is coiled in the Splice Tray, no additional loss
Subsequent box material useful life of more than 20 years

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