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2V Fiber to video converter

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2V Fiber to video converter
Fiber to video converter
2V Fiber to video converter Detail:
Product Characteristic
8/10 bit video signal digital sampling
High-speed synchronous digital transmission technology
Modular structure design(audio card and data card for optional configuration)
Super optical dynamic range, no adjustment needed
Status indication for power supply, optical signal and video
No electromagnetic interference, radio frequency interfere-ence and ground current
Safe transmission guaranteed under poor electromagnetic environment
BNC video connector
FC optical connector
Video DC recovery
Maximum tolerable link loss for single mode single fiber is 18db
Video characteristic
Video channel: 4 channel
Video input/output impedance: BNC75ohm unbalanced interface
Video input/output voltage: Typical peak-peak value 1VP-P
Video bandwidth: 6.5MHz
Video digital bit width: 8/10 bit
Differential gain: <1.3% (typical value)
Differential phase: <1.3o(typical value)
Full specification is available on request

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