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Protocol converter
E1-ETH Protocol converter Detail:

E1-10/100Base-T Protocol Converter adopts the ASIC chip which features simple circuits and compact structure and enhances the reliability of the integrated equipment. It provides data transmission channels at a maximum bandwidth of 2.048M for the Ethernet over coaxial cables and connects two LANs through coaxial cables. Thus two LANs can be connected to be two internet segments and use the same IP address via transmitting equipment such as multiplexer. It is applicable to multiple application scenarios including LAN extension, network isolation, and access of LAN into WAN. As the expander and sector based on bit flow constructer, it has two work statuses: flirting and no-flirting, traffic can be transferred on WAN or not these two statuses are decided by these two statuses. The maximal speed of filtrating and transfer can be 30,000frame/s, buffer can hold 256 frames, taking in and sending out volume is 1 frame.

-| Supporting IEEE802.3Q VLAN frames and 1536 bytes jumbo frames
-| Supporting data transmission from 10/100M Ethernet to E1
-| Configurable Ethernet bandwidth, supporting a maximum rate of 2.048 Mbps
-| Supporting full-duplex PAUSE flow control function
-| Supporting address filtering function
-| RJ45 interface, supporting adaptive crossover and straight-through cabling
-| Supporting the reset of a remote system from a local system
-| Supporting audio alarm function, with the audio alarm system to be disabled by the user at any time
-| Supporting E1 line loopback function
-| Built-in switching power supply, overall power consumption < 3W; external 220V AC and -48V DC interface
-| Ethernet interface: 10/100M auto-negotiation, half/ full duplex auto negotiation, supporting VLAN.
-| Provides two kinds of loop-back: E1 self-loop at local end and E1 loop-back at remote end.
-| Ethernet MAC address table (capacity: 4096) can support local data frame filtering.
-| Provide three types of clock: primary/subsidiary/external

E1 interface:
-| Complies with ITU-T G.703, G.704 and G.823.
-| Rate: 2.048 Mb/s
-| Code pattern: HDB3
-| Interface impedance:75 Ohm unbalanced BNC interface and 120 Ohm balanced RJ45 interface
-| Permitted input frequency shift: 2.048MHz 100PPM
-| Jitter characteristics: G.823 recommendation

Ethernet Interface:
-| compliances with IEEE802.3/IEEE802.3u standard, using standard RJ45 connector
-| Supporting wire-speed10Base-T/100Base-TX, full duplex/half-duplex adaptive mode
-| Supporting automatic crossover of twisted pairs
-| Bit error rate: <1/1000000000

Power supply:
-| dual power supplies is available
-| AC 220V: 220V (AC) input, 175V~264V (AC) are allowed
-| DC -48V: -48V (DC) input, -40V~-60V (DC) are allowed
Power Consumption :< 5W
Operating temperature: 0~55 C
Store temperature: -40~70oC
Relative Humidity: 5%-90% non-condensing (at 25 degree)
Weight : 1.08kg
Package Dimension: Internal Power Supply: 28.3cm*28cm*7.5 cm

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