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Optical Fiber Modem
V.35 Optical Fiber Modem Detail:

V.35 Optical Modem can realize long distance data transmission by transmitting N*64k V.35 signals via fiber, It is a kind of communication equipment to transmit one channel of V.35 data over a pair of fibers.
It uses ASIC chipset, adopts modular structure inside, integrates the functions of coding, decoding, information insertion, and alarm     switchover. Therefore its circuit is simple and easy for maintenance, structure is compact and power consumption is low. It is widely used in the occasions that require high reliability and complete auxiliary functions. It can extend data channel of ATM or DDN.

-| Providing one optical port, supporting point-to-point connection in pairs or connection to E1 fiber optic Modem
-| Providing one V.35 port, with the rate of N * 64 Kb/s (N = 1-32), adjustable
-| Providing three timing modes: mater timing, tracing V.35 port, and tracing optical port
-| Supporting automatic tracing function of remote timeslot bandwidth
-| Providing auto-sensation between the receive clock and data phase at V.35 port
-| Supporting multiple loopback functions and bit error of internal link test function, facilitating engineering commissioning
-| Providing the remote electrical outage detection function, which can tell whether it is fiber cut or the remote electrical outage
-| Rich panel display enables the user easy to identify the fault

Fiber Interface
-| Interface type: FC or SC
-| Wavelength: Multi-mode:850nm/1310nm, single mode: 1310nm (standard) /1550nm (optional).
-| Transmit distance: 2Km multi-mode, 40Km (standard)/60Km/120Km single mode (optional).
-| Optical link rate: 4.096 Mb/s
-| Optical output power: > -12 dBm
-| Receiving sensitivity: Superior to 6 dBm
-| Optical connector: FC (standard)/SC (optional)
-| Optical port: Dual-fiber (standard) / single fiber (optional)

V.35 Interface
-| Rate: N *64 Kb/s (N = 1-32)
-| Interface characteristics: In compliance with V.35 standard
-| Connector: DB25 socket
-| Working in DTE or DCE mode (set by selecting the clock of equipment)
-| auto-sensation between the receive clock and data phase
-| Phase of output data can be selected through the DIP switch RXC_MOD
-| Interface level: Data and clock signals are differential signals, V.35 or V.11 level optional, and V.35 level by default. Control signal is non-balanced signal, with electrical characteristics of V.28
Power supply
-| AC 220V (175V -265V)
-| DC -48V (-36V -- -72V)
Power consumption :< 5W
Weight: 1.08kg
Package Dimension: Internal power supply: 28.3cm*28cm*7.5cm

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