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loopback assembly loopback assembly
LC MM loopback assembly Detail:

Fiber loop can be used as a media loopback fiber-optic signal; especially suitable for fiber optic testing and network repair. In fiber-optic test, the echo signal can be used to diagnose faults. Send loopback test to network devices, one at a time, used to separate the question.
Similar to the fiber jumpers, fiber loop can be made into a variety of diameters and jacket, and a variety of connectors and length. Optical fiber loop JFOPT production in strict accordance with the industry standard, each cable before shipment are functional tests, and our customers to the connector configuration and grinding face assembly.

1. fiber amplifier
2.optical fiber sensing
3 meter
4. The CATV
1.For many test applications
2.Multimode, 50/125 or 62.5/125; singlemode 9/125
3 LC connectors, high-precision ceramic ferrule, with a maximum optical performance
4. modeling to connect the head to protect connection
5.Fully tested to ensure a superior treatment and durability
6.Skin material: PVC or LSZH
7.Operating wavelength: 850 nm (MM), 1310nm (SM)
8.Insertion Loss: <= 0.30 dB (direct test)
9.Return Loss: >= 50dB (SM), >= 20 dB (MM)

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