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Outdoor Figure 8 Fiber Optic cable

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Fiber Optic cable
Outdoor Figure 8 Fiber Optic cable Detail:

 Outdoor Figure 8 Fiber Optic cable Specification

Temperature range:
Storage or transportation: -40~70℃
Operation:    -40~70 ℃

Package and shipping mark:
Printing at out jacket of optical cable
White color printing words at each meter distance, standard printing content as
following ,also can match the customer
require for the printing content
-    Meter mark
-    Style of optical cable and fiber account
-    Manufacturer name
-    Manufacture date

Package of optical cable
Standard length is 1KM ,other length can negotiate
Can be packed in wooden drum or plywood drum
The end face of optical cable will using plastic cap or adhesive tape sealed as water-proof
Using batten totally sealed and fixed by steel tape
The end of optical cable will be fixed into the wooden drum in order to prevent the
lost during transportation process.

Wooden drum
Label will be sticked at wooden drum, content as following
Style of optical cable and fiber account
Gross weight KGS
Total drums amount
Manufacture date
The following information also will be exposed at the wooden drum
-    Rolling direction
-    Optical cable rolling tightly with the wooden drum, in order to prevent it will be broken during transportation process

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