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JFT-13 Desktop Optical Power Meter JFT-13 Desktop Optical Power Meter
JFT-13 JFT-13 Desktop Optical Power Meter Detail:

Fiber optic test equipment:

JFT-13 Desktop Optical Power Meter Specification

Desktop Optical Power Meter Description:
Single Channel Benchtop Power Meter is a test instrument developed by Our with high precision and wide measurement range. It features intelligent micro-processing control and automatic switch of the measurement range. Single Channel Benchtop Power Meter divides the whole measurement range into 8 sections of the linear process. It eliminates the non-linearity differences caused by the PIN detector under the same wavelength and different power. It greatly improves the accuracy and stability

Desktop Optical Power Meter Features:

  • 800~1700nm wide wavelength range, in 1nm increments
  • Intelligent micro-processing control
  • R232 computer interface, for custom applications
  • User automatic self recalibration functionSet "Ref" function, to enable the user to retrieve and display the measurement that has been stored as a reference. Link loss test result obtained automatically without any manual calculation
  • Using new Data Acquisition technology to ensure optimum signal-noise ratio and larger detection range in small signal operation, using shield technology in internal circuit, to ensure higher sensitivity, power display can reach -70dBm

Desktop Optical Power Meter Specifications

Type                                                                    Desktop Optical Power Meter
Wavelength Range 800~1700nm (in 1nm increments)
Calibrated  Wavelength (nm) 850nm, 980nm, 1310nm, 1480nm, 1550nm, 1625nm (Other wavelengths can be optional)
Photo  Detector InGaAs  (Optional Si Detector for Short Wavelength)
Measurement Range (dBm) -70~+3
Intrinsic Uncertainty ±3%
Communication interface RS232
Resolution (dB) Linearity:0.1%, Non-lineartity:0.01dB
Optical Connector FC, SC, ST
Power Supply AC220V(50Hz)
Operating Temperature(℃) -10 ~ +60
Storage Temperature(℃) -25 ~ +70
Automatic shutdown(min) 10
Dimension(mm) 305*255*115
Weight 3Kg

Standard Configuration
Optical Power Meter with FC, SC, ST interchangeable Connectors    1Unit
P.S Line(10A250V)    1Piece
Serial Communication Cable (RS232)    1Piece
Serial Communication Software    1Piece
Safety Fuse (2A)    2Pieces
Cleaning Cotton    1Pouch
Operating Manual    1piece

Panel and Functions

  • Panel figures

Optical Power Meter (Front side)
                      Optical Power Meter (Front side)

Optical Power Meter (Back side)
                    Optical Power Meter (Back side)

  • Functions




Changing wavelengths value and recalibration value to be up


Changing wavelengths value and recalibration value to be down


Relative power “zero” setting


Linearity and non-linearity shift


Combine with” >、<” keypads to system “zero” setting


Combine with ” >、<” keypads to recalibrate system

Selecting the changing value during the operations of wavelength and recalibration. Left moving selection

Selecting the changing value during the operations of wavelength and recalibration. Right moving selection

Maintenance: Optical power meter should work without obvious vibration. Keep connectors interface cleaning. Please put on the dustproof cap when optical power meter is not in use. Carefully plug in and pull out the optical connector. Handle with carefully and gently to avoid falling or collision.

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