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Handheld Fiber Microscope JFT-HFM 01-02-03
 Handheld Fiber Microscope JFT-HFM 01-02-03 Detail:


Handheld Fiber Microscope JFT-HFM Specification

The handheld microscope is used to inspect end-face of fibers and check the optic connectivity. It magnifies fibers of 125um diameter 200 or 400 times, enlarging picture through a video signal to the display where the status of fiber end-face is showed clearly in the end


Size 18.6*5.2*5.0MM
Weight 170.00G
Resolution 1.25μm
Optical Magnification 200X or 400X
Viewable area 0.3MM*0.28MM
Electronic viewfinder 1/3IN black-and-white CCD
Light Source BLUE-LED(100000hrs above)
Focus Control Manual coaxial focus
Connector 2.5mm &1.25mm
Operating Temperature -20℃--50℃
Guarantee period One year

Major Structure:

  • Handle Body: the handle houses many things, like CCD camera, ray apparatus structure, optical routine system, coaxial lamp-house, focus control, video output and power supply system et. Also have a PAL signal system.
  • The Inner Structure of Handle is so compact and complex that, if long time work it will cause a fever. This isn't the mechanical faulty but normal phenomena. It may cause damage if disassemble without permission, which you may also fail to have troubleshooting.

Inspection Lens:

  • Optical magnification system locates in the front of handle body, the beginning of which comes a lens-bar.
  • The Barrel Assembly, mounted on body outside the lens-bar, can match different types of tips. The lens-bar will be adjusted according to the focus control.
  • Note: It may cost a lot if the lens or lens-bar is damaged, which have the image formed and be the cores of probes.


  • Barrel Assembly plays a vital role in connecting or matching different types of tips.
  • Note: It will have a serious effect on the image performance once the inner conical surface from the barrel assembly is hit or impacted.

Inspection Tips:
There are specific tips interchangeable for different types of connectors, which allow you to inspect the fiber surface whether 2.5mm or 1.25mm.

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