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Optical Fiber Visual Fault Locator JFOT-FCPB05/10/20

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Optical Fiber Visual Fault Locator JFOT-FCPB05/10/20
 Optical Fiber Visual Fault Locator JFOT-FCPB05/10/20 Detail:


JFOT-FCPB05-10-20 Fiber Checker Pen Specification

JFOT-FCPB05/10/20 series Visual Fault Locators are adopted the DFB-LD as the emitting component. Driven by constant current source, the indicator can emit stable red laser. The product can be used to inspect fiber failure when they connect with optical interface and be inserted into single mode or multi mode optical fiber.It is indispensable tool in fiber project constructing, fiber net-work maintaining, optical component manufacture and research

Technical Paramete:

  • Wavelength of optical source: 650±10nm
  • Applicable fiber type: single mode or multi mode
  • Continuous working time of power: ≥20h
  • Connector: 2.5mm universal connector
  • Working temperature: -20~+60℃ (not dewing)
  • Storage temperature: -40~+85℃


  • Screw off the tail, then put batteries into the tail,(Caution: cathode of the batteries point to bottom of the indicator, anode of batteries contact anode of the indicator).
  • Connect the body with the tail, and open dust cap, then press the switch. You will see the red laser emitting from the optical interface, at the same time, LED will be lighted up (Please don's stare at the beam, for fear of damaging your eyes).
  • Press the switch again, light-emitting changes to pulse mode, and the LED synchronize with light-emitting (pulse frequency will be controlled at 2-3 Hz or 9Hz (VFL650-6S without 9Hz))
  • Press the switch again, the optical source will shut, and there is no more light. Meanwhile, LED put out (switching cycle mode is: continuous-pulse-shut).
  • Insert the fiber which you want to inspect into optical interface, then press the switch to choose working mode of the light source (continuous or pulse).
  • When finish the working, please screw on the dust cap. If you don't use the indicator for a long time, you must take out the batteries, in case that batteries rot and destroy light source.

Maintenance and attentions:

  • Laser is harmful, so especially, you must protect your eyes.
  • When the LD working, please do not exposure eyes to laser.
  • Generally, the higher temperature, the shorter life of the LD.
  • Avoiding high temperature when you use it.
  • The head of fiber must be cleared up while the LED operates.
  • When using it to test the connector, please notice to push or Pull it lightly.
  • Please screw on the dust cap in case that the dust fall into after working.
  • Take out the batteries when you don't use it.
  • Except the dust cap and the Rear cover, don't disassemble or twist other parts Privately, otherwise, We will be not answer for it.
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