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JFOC-BM4 bare fiber optic cable

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JFOC-BM4 bare fiber optic cable
 JFOC-BM4 bare fiber optic cable Detail:

JFOC-BM4 bare fiber optic cable:

JFOC-BM4 bare fiber optic cable Specification

JFOC-BM4 fiber, as a 850 nm laser-optimized graded index multimode optical fiber with an industry standard 50/125 pm core and clad diameter, is designed specially to support up to 550 meter link lengths using low-cost 850 nm Vertical Cavity Surface    Emitting    Lasers    (VCSEL)    for    10    Gb/s    Ethernet applications. It has a Differential Mode Delay (DMD) controlled index profile, nominally providing a minimum 4700 MHz-km of effective modal bandwidth (EMB) in the 10 Gb/s laser system. JFOC-BM4 fiber supports 850 nm VCSEL based Gigabit Ethernet applications while completely compatible with slower legacy applications using LED optics.

JFOC-BM4 fiber is designed specially for use with low cost 850 nm VCSEL for 10 Gb/s laser applications. These applications include Local Area Networks (LANs), Storage Area Networks (SANs), Central Offices / Internet Data Centers. Such fiber not only offers improved performance for 10 Gb/s applications, but also is completely compatible with slower legacy system using LED optics and is ready to migrate up to 40 to 100 Gb/s for parallel applications using low cost 850 nm VCSEL arrays. It uses existing cabling and system designs and is easy for customers to update in the future.


  • Fully supporting legacy 10 Mb/s applications and up to next-generation 10 Gb/s applications
  • Designed for use with lowest-cost LED and 850 nm VCSEL transmitters
  • Specially developed to support 10 Gb/s serial transmission up to 550 meter link lengths with low cost 850 nm VCSEL
  • With DMD measurements and specifications for ensuring reliable transmission performance.


  • JFOC-BM4 fibers are manufactured by the advanced Plasma activated Chemical Vapor Deposition (PCVD) process. A typical refractive index profile of JFOC-BM4 fiber fabricated by PCVD process is shown in Fig.1. Due to the excellent capability of PCVD to manufacture high quality optical multimode fibers, we have produced JFOC-BM4 fibers with precise graded index profiles which consist of several thousand layers with high radial resolution, resulting in superior DMD (shown in Fig.2) and bandwidth characteristics.
  • Preform making technology tightly controls the center region of the core. The central refractive index distortion, which has a detrimental effect on fiber's DMD characteristics, has been eliminated by improved etching process. This results in higher reliability margins and improved performance with center-launch light sources.
  • DMD measurement, as a means of quality control, is performed on every JFOC-BM4 fiber to ensure reliable transmission performance for 10 Gb/s laser applications. The DMD information is also used to improve our ability to fine-tune the entire refractive index profile using our PCVD fiber manufacturing process.
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