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JFOC-BSG2D bare fiber optical cable
 JFOC-BSG2D bare fiber optical cable Detail:

JFOC-BSG2D bare fiber optical cable

JFOC-BSG2D bare fiber optical cable specification

JFOC-BSG2D dispersion unshifted singlemode fiber is designed specially for optical transmission systems operating over the entire wavelength window from 1260 nm to 1625 nm. By suppressing the water peak that occurs near 1385 nm in conventional single mode fiber due to hydroxyl (OH) ions absorption, JFOC-BSG2D fiber is able to open E-band (1360-1460nm) for operation, and consequently provides 100 nm more usable wavelengths. JFOC-BSG2D fiber is comprehensively optimized for attenuation and dispersion performance across the entire wavelength window from 1260 nm up to 1625 nm and upgraded for macro-bending performance in L-band (1565-1625nm). The fiber is fully satisfying the demand for transmitting multi-channel high-speed services over one single fiber


  • JFOC-BSG2D fiber complies with or exceeds the ITU-T Recommendation G.652.D and the IEC 60793- 2-50 type B1.3 Optical Fiber Specification.
  • JFOC-BSG2D tightens many parameters of fiber products so as to offer more conveniences to customers

Thanks to its broad usable optical spectrum and outstanding optical performance, JFOC-BSG2D fiber is the optimum choice that supports various applications such as Ethernet, internet Protocol (IP), Asychronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Synchronous Optical Networ k (SONET) and Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM). JFOC-BSG2D fiber provides more bandwidth for backbone, metropolitan area and access networks. JFOC-BSG2D fiber enables bandwidth demanding of multi-service like voice, digital and image transmission.
JFOC-BSG2D fiber is applicable in all cable types including ribbon cable, loose tube stranded cable, slotted core cable, unitube cable and tight-buffer cable.


  • Fibers are manufactured using the advanced Plasma Activated Chemical Vapor Deposition (PCVD) process. Because of the inherent advantages of the process, Fibers show extremely refined refractive index (Rl) profile control, excellent geometrical performance, low attenuation, etc.
  • The optical fiber is coated with a double layer UV curable acrylate, which gives the fiber a good protection. Designed for more stringent tight-buffer cable application, the fiber also performs perfectly in loose buffer constructions and demonstrates a high resistance to micro-bending. The coating offers an excellent stable coating strip force over a wide range of environmental conditions and the coating stripping leaves no residues on the bare glass fiber. Ribbon tests show excellent performance in 60^ watersoak tests, exceeding 100 days. Fibers show high and stable values for dynamic stress corrosion susceptibility parameter (na), which offers a greatly improved applicability to the fiber when used in harsh environments.


  • Due to the process innovation and technical breakthrough made on the basis of the conventional singlemode fiber, JFOC-BSG2D low water peak singlemode fiber has the following characteristics:
  • Designed for operation over the full optical spectrum from 1260-1625 nm, which provides 50% more usable wavelengths and hence the transmission capacity is increased
  • Outstanding optical performance supporting high-speed transmission technologies such as DWDM and CWDM
  • Being compatible with existing 1310 nm equipment
  • Good protection and excellent strip force stability
  • Accurate geometrical parameters that insure low splicing loss and high splicing efficiency
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