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Mechanical Splice-3M
Fibrlok™ II Splice/Holder 2539 Instructions Mechanical Splice-3M Detail:

Mechanical Splice-3M Feature:

pdf.gif Mechanical Splice-3M Specification

The  3M™  Fibrlok™  II  Splice/  Holder  2539  enables  fast,  on-site installation  of  Fiber-to-the  Premises  (FTTP)  connections  with  a built-in actuation feature. 3M Fibrlok II Universal Optical Splices provide permanent mechanical splices using either single-mode or multimode  125  ^m  fibers  with  any  combination  of  250^m  and 900^m coating diameters.

All 2529 universal optical fiber splices  are gray in color  and  are marked with 3M Fibrlok II logo on the splice cap.


Safety and Helpful Hints:

  • Use 99% pure reagent-grade isopropyl alcohol to clean the fibers and other components. When splicing any cable containing grease, ensure that all grease is wiped away and the buffer coating and fiber are thoroughly cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Note: Carefully follow safety, health and environmental information on  the  label  or  MSDS  for  isopropyl   alcohol.  Storage,  use  and disposal of isopropyl alcohol per your company health, safety and environmental instructions.


  • The gel inside the splice may cause minimal eye irritation. Avoid eye contact. Wash hands before eating or smoking. Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water while holding eyelids open. Do not view fiber ends if they are illuminated with a laser.
  • Carefully follow safety, health  and environmental information  on 3M Fibrlok II Splice label or Material Safety Data Sheet.

Tools and Materials required:

  • 3M Fibrlok II Splice Holder 2539
  • Buffer Stripper
  • Scissors (Snips)
  • Reagent Grade Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Lint-free Wipes
  • Cleaver

Splicing Set-Up:

  • The splicing area should be clean, dry and well lit. A  clean, well organized splicing area will improve splice efficiency and minimize the risk of contamination of fibers or splices.
  • Open buffer tubes, expose and clean the fibers per your company practice.
  • Remove the Fibrlok II Splice/Holder from its protective package
  • Secure the Fibrlok II Splice/Holder 2539
  • Before proceeding, attach the splice/holder to its final location. If there is not enough space to work, then attach the splice/holder after completing the splice. Clean surface of dirt and debris with alcohol and a lint-free cloth. To attach, remove the 3M VHB ™ (Very High  Bond)  Tape  release  liner  (red)  and  press  the  splice/holder base  firmly  for  several  seconds  onto  the  surface  of   its  final location.
  • Lift the buffer clamps at both ends of the splice/holder and lift the actuation lever to the "up" position
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