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JFT-HAT02 Multi-Mode Handheld Variable Attenuator

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Handheld Variable Attenuator
JFT-HAT02 Handheld Variable Attenuator Detail:

Model: JFT-HAT02
Dimension: 205×115×61.5mm
Weight: 620g

 JFT-HAT02 Handheld Variable Attenuator Specification


JFT-HAT02 handheld attenuator is designed to continuously and variably attenuate the optical signal.
The main application of this unit is for the laser system online test, so it is applicable for the PDH、SDH which include the communication instrument, and CATV system.

Function and Features
With built-in neutral density filter, VOA attenuate the optical signal through the rotating dial on the keypad .The attenuation range is from 2.5-60dB.

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