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Micro OTDR
JFOTDR-03 Micro OTDR Detail:

Weight: 650g

 JFOTDR-03 Micro OTDR specification

Our makes full use of OTDR work principle to design and develop the fiber ranger and greatly improves the performance from outside design to inside functions. In hardware, it is lightweight, rugged, dustproof and waterproof.In software, it has three brilliant functions. One is Automatic Power Control, which automatically test and adjust the best power level according to the real test environment;.Secondly, it is Automatic Pulse Width Selection which automatically select most suitable pulse width according to the real test distance. Thirdly, it has built-in 650nm VFL, with which it can detect the fault from 1-15km and finally realize the one-dead zone test over the full range. All these functions make the test easier, more accurate and perfect tool for the field work.

More accurate and better repeatability.
List Max 8 results of each test
Easy to identify the faults location
Built-in visual fault locator with optional output power
Optional interchangeable connector
More than 10 hours long battery life

Testing the fiber length and locate the faults.
Locates the distance between two connection points.
Installation, maintenance and fault location of FTTX and Access Network

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