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Rack Mount patch panel for PLC splitters JFOPP-FD12321NXXY032
JFOPP-FD12321NXXY032 Rack Mount patch panel for PLC splitters JFOPP-FD12321NXXY032 Detail:


 Rack Mount patch panel for PLC splitters JFOPP-S&R32 Specification

Fiber to The Home (FTTH)
Passive optical networks (PON)
Local Area Networks (LAN)
Cable Television (CATV)
Test Equipment

Features :
Good uniformity and low insertion loss
Low polarization dependent loss
Excellent Environmental Stability
Excellent Mechanical
Stability Telcordia GR-1221 and GR-1209
Adapter type:SC Simplex,ST Simplex ,FC Simplex,SC Duplex,LC Duplex
Surface spray paint and metal shells of internal fuse fiber with good protection
Suit for the PLC splitters as listed below

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