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Fiber Optic patch panel
Rack mounted patch panel fixed type Fiber Optic patch panel Detail:


JFOPT rack mounted patch panel is designed for fiber connection and distribution of backbone fiber cable; it is suitable for fiber splicing, storage and protection. Their standard 19” width make them compatible to standard optical distribution frame with 19” width. And it also can be used alone.


  • The shell is high intensified & insulated material, thus having excellent mechanic performance

  • Fiber input: 4

  • Adapters output: 48core

  • Suitable for different adapter (SC simplex, LC duplex, ST simplex, FC simplex)

  • A completed patch panel will be with adapter, pigtail and accessories like fiber tray, fiber winding wheel, protection sleeve, nylon tie, and snake like tube. Please confirm which type if you want adapter and pigtail with the patch panel.

  • Accessories like fiber tray, fiber winding wheel, protection sleeve, nylon tie, and snake like tube can be ordered separately.

  • Cable input is with rubber dust cover.

  • The cable entries are big enough for most of cable with different diameters.


  • Standard width make them can be applied to extensive field

  • Strength core and shell was insulated

  • Reliable fiber lead and perfect fix up

  • Reliable pigtail fixes up and perfect protection

  • Flexible design and enough space make them convenient for operations and maintenance

  • The surface is spray-painted and the metal part is well protected.

  • The incision of metal part is well processed and avoids burr and sharp edge

Technical Data:

  • Sheet Metal Thickness: Bottom plate=1.2mm,Cover=1.0mm

  • Operating Temperature: -40℃~+80℃    

  • Operating Humidity: ≤85%(30℃)

  • Atmospheric Pressure: 70KPa-106KPa    

  • Insulation resistance≥1000MΩ between grounding system and metal parts of cabinet, testing current: DC 500V

  • Enduring of high voltage: 15KV (DC) /1min, no penetration, no arcs.

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