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ODF Optical Distribution Frame JFOPP-D288
ODF Optical Distribution Frame ODF Optical Distribution Frame JFOPP-D288 Detail:


pdf.gifODF Optical Distribution Frame JFOPP-D288 Specification

Description :
JFOPT series Optical Distribution Frame is the basic equipment of fiber optical telecommunication. It is mainly used in the termination and distribution of partial trunk optical cable in optical cable communication system, easy to realize connection, distribution and adjustment.

Features :
Detachable structure, front patching is easy for installation against wall, space saving and neat.                        
Modular structure, splicing and protection, patching of extra cable and installation of adapter can be operated in one modular.
Standard 19" universal design, reasonable structure is easy for operation.
Adapters are installed with 30 angle, which is not only to guarantee the curvature radius of the patch cord not less than 40mm but also to prevent operator's eyes free from radiation od laser
Shell of both cabinet and unit frame is processed by electrostatic spraying, with excellent corrosion resistance and good appearance.
Reasonable configuration makes the cable patching clear, and ensures well protection of the cable.
Suitable for common simplex cable and ribbon cable.    
It is convenient to adjust the serial number and change the transmission routing.

Technical Data :
Operating Temperature: -30℃~+60℃
Storage Temperature: -40℃~+60℃
Operating Humidity: ≤95%(40℃)
Atmospheric Pressure: 70KPa-106KPa
Standard Operating Wavelength: 1310nm~1550nm
RL: ≥60dB(APC);≥50dB(UPC);≥35dB(PC)
Bending Radius: >40mm when fiber optic cable placed and bent in the cabinet.    
Suitable for ribbon and non-ribbon cables    
Standard 19" universal frame is convenient for  operation
Closed cabinet style with double glasses doors, inner place wiring and cable storage system. 1.0mm Cold rolled and hot dipping coated zinc plate frame surface, 1.2mm for upright column. Electrostatic spraying in whole.
Cable entry from bottom, front and back, and reliable protection and placement of cable and grounding system provided.
Insulation resistance≥1000MΩ between grounding system and metal parts of cabinet, testing current: DC 500V
Enduring of high voltage: 3KV (DC) /1min, no penetration, no arcs.

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