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1U Fiber Optic Patch Panel with sliding rail JFOPP-SA13202RSCS024

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1U Fiber Optic Patch Panel with sliding rail JFOPP-SA13202RSCS024
 1U Fiber Optic Patch Panel with sliding rail JFOPP-SA13202RSCS024 Detail:




pdf.gif JFOPP-R&D24G Specification

JFOPP-SA13202R rack mounted patch panel is designed to be the unity of fiber splicing, storage and distribution, conveniently to achieve the fiber connection, configuration and protection. It is suitable for the application in FTTD, FTTC, and FTTB etc.
Made of high quality cold rolled steel, electrostatic powder spray-painted, rust and corrosion resistance.
Thick metal sheet for high load resistance, to avoid deformation happening.
All the edge of metal parts processed to be round corner, to avoid the damage to the cable or operator.
Splicing panel can be drawn out easily like a drawer, for convenient splicing and cabling.
Splicing panel fixed by snaps, safely and conveniently for quick operation.
Spare fixture positions designed on bottom panel, for more flexible cable guiding inside.
Smoothly and steadily sliding guaranteed by the sliding rails on both sides of bottom panel.
Special sliding rails adopted to maximize the visible operation space.
Packed by plastic foam, bubble wrap and high strength carton, completely safe during transportation.
Compliant with the latest industry standards.
Standard 19” rack mounted size.
Max. 4 fiber inputs;Each input port allows φ25mm cable entry.
Cable lead-in, fixture and protection kit available, for easily connection and splicing.
Enough space for spare cable storage, max. bending radius 15D guaranteed.
The installation, management and splicing accessories available.
Technical Data
Operating Temperature: -40℃~+80℃
Operating Humidity: ≤95%(+40℃)
Enduring of high voltage between grounding system and metal parts of cabinet more than 3000V (DC) /1min, no penetration, no arcs.

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