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About fiber optic attenuator technique

Edit: Fiber cable manufacuturer   Date: 2019-01-11

Fiber optic attenuator technique data
UPC type return loss 50dB or greater
APC type return loss 60dB or greater
Working wavelength 1310nm or 1550nm

About fiber Optic Attenuator
Sometimes in the fiber optic network, people need to reduce the fiber optic light power level when it is transmitted from one equipment to another; fiber optic attenuator is a device for this function. The unit “dB”, usually from 1dB fiber optic attenuator to 20dB fiber optic attenuators, measures fiber optic attenuation level. This is called a fixed value fiber optic attenuator, each piece of the fiber attenuator the attenuation rate is fixed. There are female to female and female to male type attenuators, the latter is also called a plug type attenuator.

Adustable fiber Optic Attenuator
There are also variable fiber optic attenuator , usually is inline type, with an adjustable unit on the attenuator to change its attenuation level to a certain amount according to its capacity.

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