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Fiber Optic Cable Supplier - JFOPT

Edit: fiber optic cable manufacturer   Date: 2019-01-12

As specialized fiber optic cable supplier, JFOPT fiber optic cable company has a large range of optical cable products including the single mode cables and multimode cables for indoor and outdoor applications. We are also competitive on custom fiber optic cable assemblies, our fiber cable products are timely delivery, reliable quality and good prices

We have been doing the best to improve our fiber optic cable products and services to maintain optical cable quality to meet the requirement of the world market. Our quality control systems include the procedure from raw material inspection to final products inspection. We put a lot of effort to improve our staff treatment and we have been investing to improve our production facilities. By these ways we can provide customers with stable good quality fiber optic cables.

Thank you for considering us as your supplier of the fiber optic cables, fiber optic patch panel, fiber optic patch cord, fiber optic connectors, fiber optic pigtals and other fiber optic products; we look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.

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