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The difference between center reinforcement FRP and KFRP

Edit:   Date: 2019-01-12

FRP, Fiber Reinforced composite plastic, it is English (Fiber Reinforced Polymer). Outdoor cable commonly used FRP reinforcement do center; Now skin cable is more and more widely used, cable center in addition to the use of FRP reinforcement, reinforcement also USES KFRP do center. Two center reinforcement difference is as follows

1. FRP (glass fiber) has the following features:

(1) Light weight, high strength
Relative density between 1.5 ~ 2.0, only 1/4 ~ 1/5 of the carbon steel, but close to the tensile strength, even more than carbon steel, and the intensity of than can be compared with the advanced alloy steel. Therefore, in the aircraft, rocket, the spacecraft, high pressure vessel, and in other applications, the need to reduce the weight of products have excellent results. Some of the tensile, bending and compression strength of epoxy FRP can reach more than 400 mpa.
(2) the corrosion resistant performance is good
FRP is good corrosion material, the atmosphere, water, and general concentration of acid, alkali, salt, and a variety of oils and solvents have a better ability to resist. Has been applied to all aspects of chemical corrosion, is replacing the carbon steel, stainless steel, wood, non-ferrous metal and so on.
(3) good performance
Is a good insulating material, used to make the insulator. Under the high frequency can still protect good dielectric properties. Microwave permeability is good, has been widely used in radome.
(4) good thermal performance
FRP low thermal conductivity, at room temperature is 1.25 ~ 1.67 kJ/(m. h. K), only 1/100 ~ 1/1000, metal is a good thermal insulation material. Under the condition of the instantaneous ultra high temperature, is the ideal thermal protection and ablation resistant material, can protect the spacecraft at above 2000 ℃ under high-speed air flow.
(5) good design
(1) can be flexibly designed, according to their needs, a variety of product structure, to satisfy the use requirement, can make the product has good integrity.
(2) can fully material selection to meet product performance, such as: you can design a decay resistance, resistance to instantaneous high temperature, products of a certain direction with a special high strength, good dielectric properties, and so on.
(6) good manufacturability
(1) according to the shape of the products, technical requirements, use and quantity to the flexibility to choose the molding process.
(2) the process is simple, can be a molding, economic effect is outstanding, especially for complex shape, not easy to shape the number of product less, more prominent its technological superiority.

2. KFRP aramid silk (polyester)
Aramid fiber reinforced fiber strengthen core (KFRP) is a new kind of high performance non-metallic fiber optic cable to strengthen the core, has been widely used in the access network.

L. of lightweight, high strength, aramid fiber reinforced fiber strengthen core is low density, high intensity, its than strength and modulus than steel and glass fiber reinforced fiber strengthening core;

Low expansion: aramid fiber reinforced cable strengthen core in a wide temperature range, the linear expansion coefficient is less than the steel core and glass fiber reinforced fiber strengthened;

Impact resistance, resistance to fracture, aramid fiber reinforced fiber strengthen core not only has high tensile strength (1700 mpa) or higher, and impact resistance, resistance to fracture, even in the case of broken can still keep about 1300 mpa tensile strength;

Flexibility: aramid fiber reinforced cable strengthen core texture is soft, easy to bend, its only about 24 times the diameter of the minimum bending diameter. 5. Make indoor optical cable structure is compact, beautiful, excellent bending resistance, especially suitable for complicated wiring of indoor environment.

Have more advantages from the cost analysis, cost of FRP.

Customers can request according to the concrete is to use and cost comparison aspect consideration, determine what kind of center using reinforcement

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