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Small bend radius optical fiber

Edit:   Date: 2019-01-13

Fiber bending loss is due to the conduction -mode optical fiber bent portion of the optical fiber into a radiation mode caused. It is the bend radius of the fiber exponential relationship, the larger bending radius, bending loss is smaller.

Now commonly used in G652 fiber minimum bend radius is 30MM. This year began as a small application G657 bend radius optical fiber, respectively G657A1, G657A2, G657B3. G657A1 minimum bend radius is 10MM, G657A2 fiber is 7.5MM, G657B3 fiber is 5MM. Small bending optical fiber has a smaller than normal bending radius, also known as anti-bending optical fibers, mainly used in FTTX, FTTH, and suitable for indoor use of a narrow space, or the corner.

ITU requirements ITU-T G657 fiber, commonly called bend insensitive fiber attenuation. G657A for optical fiber communication wavelength (1260nm-1625nm). Optical fiber in the G652D class on the basis of the attenuation characteristics to improve the bending and increase the geometric properties of the fiber, thereby improving the connection characteristics of optical fibers ; G657B fiber particularly suitable for 1310nm, 1550nm, 625nm wavelength limit distance communications, optical fibers, and G652 compared with excellent welding and connection properties, and can withstand a small bend radius.

End on the above, G657 fiber especially for FTTX, FTTH use and is ideal for FTTH. With FTTH promotion, G657 fiber will get more use.

Source: fiber optic cable manufacturer

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