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How to choose fiber optical splitter

Edit:   Date: 2014-03-14

Variable and unbalanced optical ratio is the most outstanding advantage of FBT splitter (Fused Biconic Taper). Sometimes, considering the quantity of user and different transmitting distance, the fiber optical splitter should be adopted for the distribution of optical power in the line. For the PLC splitter (Planar Lightwave Circuit) cannot afford the different optical ratio, it is the time to adopt the FBT splitter.

However comparing with FBT splitter, PLC splitter has the advantages in some other important aspects.
Insensitive at different wavelengths, so PLC splitter can work at different wavelength and won’t cause much loss.
Uniform splitting ratio, can be uniformly allocated the signal to users
Small dimension, save installation space
Single component can be split in many channels, reaching 64 or more.
Low cost for multichannel. The more the channels are, the lower the cost is

With the rapid extension of FTTH in the world, the consumption of optical splitter is also expanded rapidly, and the advantage of PLC splitter is full played. Its cost rapidly decline because of mass production. U.S., South Korea, France and other European countries specified to use PLC products. Considering the cost, Japan prescribed 1 × 4 and below to use FBT splitter, 1 × 8 and above by PLC.

About how to choose the device, the recommendation is as below
If only for a single wavelength transmission or dual, FBT splitter is better for save cost.
If for PON broadband transmission, taking the future expansion and monitoring needs in account, PLC splitter is better. More fiber optic splitter, visit at

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