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Flame retardant material of JFOPT Splice Closure

Edit:   Date: 2019-01-13

JFOPT® splice closure is made of flame retardant material PC (Polycarbonate), which a molecular polymer and contains OCOO in its chain. PC is popular material in communication engineering.

The main features are as follows
1. High strength and elasticity and wide  temperature range;
2. Low shrinkable rate for molding, good dimensional stability;
3. Good fatigue resistance;
4. Excellent electrical characteristics;
5. Tasteless and odorless, harmless to human health and safety

The main performances are as below
Mechanical property: high strength, fatigue resistance, dimensional stability
Heat aging resistance: UL temperature index enhance up to 120~140℃
Solvent resistance: no stress cracking
Insulation performance: excellent, in the humid and high temperature environment, electrical property can be maintained stale.

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