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Elaboration of Fiber Port FC SC LC ST

Edit:   Date: 2019-01-14

Till now for fiber optical telecommunication, there are various fiber ports. Among them, FC, SC, ST and LC are applied commonly. At present, in china FC port is adopted mostly, and abroad most of the equipments are adopted LC and SC ports. Below are listed the elaboration of these 4 types of fiber ports.

The abbreviation for Ferrule Connector or Fiber Channel. As the original appeared fiber connector, it is usually adopted on the fiber optical distribution frame (ODF). It can fix the connector on the adapter (mid-coupler) firmly and steady, therefore widely used in telecommunication. The below pictures show the FC connector and FC adapter (mid-coupler)

FC fiber port

Abbreviation for straight Tip, means bayonet fiber optical connector. Adopted on the ODF as well, it is easier and faster to install this type of fiber connector than FC type. When installing FC, some green operator may buckle overflow, but this never happen on ST. The below pictures show the ST connector, ST adapter (mid-coupler) and ST ODF.

ST fiber port

Abbreviation for Square Connector or Standard Connector. It appears earlier than LC, and usually applied for standard GBIC fiber optical transceiver. Later to reduce the size and increase installation density, LC is created. The below pictures are SC connector, GBIC transceiver, SC adapter (mid-coupler) and fiber modem with SC port.

SC fiber port

Abbreviation for Lucent Connector, and created by Lucent Technologies. It is the smallest connector till now. It can be matched with SFP transceiver. Due to the small size and high-density layout, currently it is the most widely used optical components. The below pictures are LC connector, SFP transceiver and LC adapter.

LC fiber port

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