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Polishing face of fiber optical connector: PC, UPC, APC

Edit:   Date: 2019-01-14

PC, UPC and APC are the specifications of the ferrule of fiber optical connector, namely the fiber optical channel. This parameter refers to the different polishing faces, in another word, the shape that butt-join in the fiber adapter. For example, once FC connector adopts APC contacting face, it can be tagged FC/APC.

PC is short for Physical Contact, means it is the physical contact with the fiber transmission media. It is vertical plane (micro-spherical) contact. Due to the higher loss, it has been basically eliminated in some areas.

UPC is Ultra Physical Contact. It is the same contact surface and with higher performance. As the alternative of PC, it is widely used in the digital domain.

APC is the Angled Physical Contact. That is the end of face of an 8-degree tilt of the micro spherical shape. This shape reduced the attenuation of light caused by contact surface.
When the optical signal is coupled through the surface of medium, the reflected light will return along the fiber path once the contact surface is vertical plane. The non-uniform fiber index will cause part of the fiber return back to contact surface again. Although the power is very small, it cannot be eliminated completely. It is tantamount to superpose a delayed weak signal on the original signal. However by 8-degree angle of APC, the reflected light will not return along the fiber patch, thus decrease greatly the reflection loss. APC is usually applied for high quality single mode fiber ports.

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