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Outdoor Fiber Cable with One Color Identify Line

Edit: Lena   Date: 2019-01-14

Summary:There is one or more color identity line on the cable outer sheath.


Main Characters: 

   1. The printing letters on the cable is engraved printing or heat printing ;Engraved printing will not be color off or fuzzy,with a good appearance retention.(The regular printing is heat printing.)

   2. The printing area is not fixed (Both color identify line and cable outer sheath are ok).

3.The identify line color is made from using outer sheath material and other color line material injection molding , it will not be color off (the identify line color can be optional within the common color code ).

4. The color identify line size is fixed , if you want other sizes , we need to change the mould and open a new mould .

5. All outdoor fiber cables can be with color identity line , it doesn’t have any requirement for cable outer diameter .

   6. The outdoor fiber optic cables with color identify line are  suitable for customers’ high requirements.

      Main Performance :
The outdoor Fiber Cables with color identify line are one fiber cable of  new-style ,simple ,identity line clear ,not easy to color off and to be metabolic ; It can be  identified  easily and connected correctly during the installation , maintenance and repairing.


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