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How To Select The Fiber Optic Splitter

Edit: Lena   Date: 2019-01-15

FBT vs.PLC Fiber Optic Splitter

The variable of Splitting ratio is the most prominent advantage of FBT splitter(Fused Biconical Splitter) .
For example, In the case of the number of users and the transmission distance is inconsistent,we need to be assigned to different optical power line,in this case, the devices require different splitting ratio.And because the PLC splitter(Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitter) can not change the splitting ratio, this leads to use the FBT splitter.

Compared with the FBT Splitter, PLC Splitter has the following advantages:

  ● Loss is not sensitive to the wavelength of the transmitted, to meet the transmission requirements of different wavelength Suitable for multiple operating wavelengths (1260nm – 1650nm)(full wavelength)
  ● Equal splitter ratios for all branches
  ● Compact configuration; smaller size; small occupation space
  ●One or two inputs with an output maximum of 64 fibers
  ●Low cost of more points, the more obvious cost advantage.

Fiber optic splitter is a key optical device in PON systems.From a global perspective,PON(passive optical network)system for FTTH services is expanding rapidly in recent years and this increase the demand to the optical splitter,the PLC optical splitter advantage into full play.with the rapid expansion of production, the cost of the rapid decline, its price is significantly better to FBT splitter.
United State, South Korea, France and other countries are designated to use PLC products, the Japanese consider the cost factor and provisions 1 × 4 or less to use FBT (a tapering products), 1 × 8 above products all use PLC.:

In the device selection, we recommend as the following:

Depending on the need, if only a single wavelength transmission, or dual-wavelength transmission, from a cost point of view can use FBT splitter. If PON broadband transmission technology, taking into account the future expansion and monitoring needs, preferred PLC splitter. Low circuit device (1 × 4 or less) can be selected FBT splitters, high score circuit device (1 × 8 or more) Preferred PLC splitter.


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