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FBT Coupler Testing equipment &Testing standards

Edit: Lena   Date: 2019-01-15

    Along With the big production of PLC splitter, The Quantity of PLC splitter shipped abroad is bigger and bigger. But the FBT Coupler still share a certain degree of marketing, Its advantage is changeable splitting ratio.

    For example, In the case of the number of users and the transmission distance is inconsistent,
we need to be assigned to different optical power line, in this case, the devices require different splitting ratio. And because the PLC splitter can’t change the splitting ratio, this leads to use the FBT splitter.

    JFOPT Company with 15years experiences on fiber products, have sold thousands of MM FBT Coupler. Now It is our honor to explain these questions.

The Test equipment :
    FBT coupler equipments are Agilent light source, optical power meter,spectrum analyzer,fused taper divices plugged return loss tester, UV Curing equipment,High and low cycle Box(-40 to 80 ℃), ovens (120℃), PDL Polarization loss tester.

Test standard:
    Bellcore GR-1209 and Bellcore GR-1221

FBT Coupler Test method:
    Using MM Testing light source and light Power Meter.Fiber should be rolled 5 circles on a column(OD about 1.8cm)

Test Result :
    If there is non-conforming products during the process of production, we will lsolation the non-conforming products first , and the quality department will analyse the reason, recycled or scrapped the non-conforming products.

    During the production, The stability of the light source and equipment, improper operation from Staff are the reasons of producing the non-conforming products.
The improper operation is the main reason, so we will train the new employee about the crafts of FBT coupler, Also we still check the quality during the producing ,and examine all the end products. At the same time, JFOPT are doing our best to offering more profit for employee, the workers and company will make progress together.

    We stock the raw materials, as the fiber and steel pipe and ABS box. Once we receive your purchase order, we will start to produce and sub-assemblies.

    All refer to the product specification are need to notification of customers. As the color of the fiber, The length of the fiber, and mode of fiber, light source and so on.


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