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Optical Fiber Connector's Differences, Advantages and Disadvantages

Edit: Jfopt-Lena   Date: 2019-01-15

    ST, SC, FC optical fiber connector is the standard which developed by different enterprises at early times, they have the same effect, and each has advantages and disadvantages.

    ST、SC connectors are used in general networks normally. ST connector is inserted into fiber port(adapter), then turned 180°, it will be fixed by the certain bayonet. Disadvantage is easily to broken. SC connector plugs directly, very easy to use, disadvantage is easy to fall out. FC connector is generally used in telecommunication networks, a nut is screwed onto the adapter, reliable advantages, anti-dust, the disadvantage is the installation time longer.

    MTRJ fiber patchcord is combined by two high precised connectors and fiber cable. The external part of the connector is a precision plastic part, including a push-pull plug chuck mechanism. Apply to the telecommunications and data network system for indoor applications.

Types of fiber optic connectors

Fiber optic connectors, namely access to the optical fiber connector module, also have a good variety, and not inter-operable with each other. Not a regular contact with the fiber might mistakenly think GBIC and SFP fiber optic connector module is the same, they do not. SFP modules connected LC fiber optic connectors, and GBIC is connected SC fiber optic connectors.Below is listed the detailed 
description of the common  fiber optical connectors

A: FC type fiber optical connector:The external reinforcement method is the use of a metal sleeve, the fastening means for the screws. Generally used on the ODF (distribution frame with the most used)

B: SC type fiber optical connector: a Connector that connectors the GBIC optical modules, its shell rectangular, fastening the latch-type plug is adopted, do not have to rotate.(most used on router switches)

C: ST type fiber optical connector: Commonly used in optical fiber distribution frame, shell is circular and fixed bayonet. (for 10Base-F connection, the connector usually is st type, commonly used in optical fiber distribution frame)

D: LC type fiber optical connectors:The connector is connected with the SFP module, which is made of the operation convenient modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism.(Routers commonly used)

E:MTRJ fiber optical connectors:Transceiver integrated square fiber optic connectors, a dual fiber transceiver.

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