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The Differences of Multi Mode Fiber

Edit: Jfopt   Date: 2019-01-15

Definition: Multi mode fibers can transmit light in multiple modes . But its with larger  mode dispersion ,which limit the frequency of the transmitted digital signal , but  with the increase of the distance will be more serious . Therefore , multi mode fiber transmission distance is very short , generally is only 2 km .

Application: Mainly used in the access network ,LAN and other short distance applications.

     50um muti mode fiber : Mainly used in LAN communications , audio / video signal transmission and data transmission .

     62.5 multi mode fiber : Mainly used in LAN communications ( especially in North America  ) .

Core diameter is large, easy to connect ;
Large transmission bandwidth ;
can be in short distance transmission.

Types: 62.5/125(OM1),50/125OM2),10G(OM3-150), 10G (OM3-300), OM4-550

Comparison of Multi Mode Fiber Transmission Distance

High transmission rate requires a high -bandwidth optical fiber


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