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Waterproof Connector Overview

Edit: Jfopt-L   Date: 2019-01-16

   In the optical communications industry, the connector will always be used in some circumstances require moisture, dust and other special environment, because in some special circumstances, water and some impurities dust will penetrate into the fiber optic connector ferrule end surface and affect optical signal transmission quality. For example, outdoor fast wiring, television stage live scene stage moving wiring and military field communication environment, communication base stations, require fiber optic connectors have a certain waterproof grade and can be achieved quickly and safely plug effect. In order to meet these needs, the waterproof connector came into being.


1.The base station waterproof pigtail
    This waterproof pigtail is the earliest a waterproof jumper, the cable with PE sheath, mostly for internal use aluminum corrugated layer, tarpaulins winding isolation, sub-cable with a conventional ordinary 2.0-3.0mm diameter wiring cable, center using 1.0mm diameter reinforcements to strengthen the tension. At the connector portion is peeled off the cable sheath, and assembling the fiber connectors on its sub-cable, without any other special waterproof measures, only in the stripping branches, using the aluminum and copper metal cable joint. Pictures are as follows:

The advantage of this waterproof jumper cable is firmly of good, because the structure of the basic is to copy a conventional PE outdoor cable, just for the convenience of assembling connectors, the inside of the bare optical fiber made of ordinary sub cable 2.0-3.0mm diameter. But the disadvantage is more obvious, first,optical cable construction cost more expensive. second cable sheath is relatively hard, but fairly thick diameter, wiring when met too much bending place, inconvenient to use. Third is a large restriction of waterproof connector usage, joint itself is not wrapped in a waterproof connector, suitable only for the base station equipment and a good start threaded surface notch places.

2.ODVA、PDLC、IPLC Plastic Waterproof Connectors
This waterproof connector mostly plastic, sealed rubber gaskets and threaded, bayonet connection or the like. The optical fiber connector fully enclosed wrapped in the waterproof joint. And each type of waterproof connector as well as supporting the use of special waterproof adapters.

The advantages for this waterproof connectors and jumpers are as follows:

Firstly: cable using non-metallic strengthening 3G base cable or the field TPU soft armored cable, cable flexibility increases, greatly improves the flexibility of cable wiring
Second: the optical fiber connector fully enclosed wrapped in the waterproof joint, waterproof performance greatly improved, fully meet the needs of the general waterproof environment. 
Third: there is a dedicated waterproof adapter, breaking usage restrictions.This type of waterproof connector is used a lot in the last few years on the market, and different manufacturers design and production of various kinds of connectors with different name.


Firstly: Most of different brands are not compatible, which is we need to note that.
Second: usage restriction for fiber connector types, most is the LC type connectors, then SC and MPO type, etc.
Third: because it is a full wrap-around waterproof, internal space is limited, so the built-in fiber optic connectors quantitative restrictions, usually LC duplex connectors, SC, MPO simplex connector.

Common Types are as follows:

3.ODC Metal waterproof connector
The ODC metal waterproof connector is different from the above waterproof connectors, Its uniqueness lies in professional customized. It is generally used in pairs, each other docking. And it is not built any type of fiber optic connectors, only built ferrule. In other words ODC model itself is a kind of fiber optic connectors, comes with waterproof function. The above two types, are made waterproof case on a conventional type of optical fiber connector. The existing market, ODC model is the most commonly used 2 cores and 4 cores. But ODC belongs to customized products, in addition to part with more of the TE models of ODC, the remaining number of ODC connector are some of the professional manufacturers of customized products, compatibility is very small, expensive.

(picture as below:)



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