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Introduction of Digital Diagnostic Monitoring(DDM)

Edit: JFOPT-A   Date: 2019-01-16

The communication system capacity, transfer rate, and service level requirements continue to increase, communication networks become increasingly large, increasingly complex communication link management.People are eager to use  intelligent performance detection technology  in communication system to solve this growing problem. The digital diagnostic monitoring of optical transceiver module provides such low cost performance test means .


DDM means Digital Diagnostic Monitoring.

The features of Digital Diagnostic Monitoring:

1. Monitoring module operating temperature
2. Monitoring module operating voltage
3. Monitoring module operating current
4. Display module factory version.

Through real-time monitoring the module internal operating voltage and temperature,allowing the system administrators to find out some potential problems :

1)If  Vcc voltage is too high, it will breakdown CMOS device; If Vcc voltage is too low, the laser does not work.

2) If received power is too high, it will damage the receiver module

3) If Working temperature is too high, it will accelerate the aging of the device.

What’s more , it can monitor the  circuit and the performance of the remote transmitters by monitoring the received optical power meter .

Digital diagnostic monitoring applications:

The DDM function provides a performance monitoring tool for the system that can help the system management to  predict the life of the module,  isolate the system fault, verify compatibility of the module during the installation.

The appearance of the module with DDM and witout DDM is same,but the internal circuit is different.If a module doesn’t with DDM function, once the products appear problems, it will not provide  prompt alarm.

No matter it is single fiber module or dule fiber module , the fiber optic modules which produced by JFOPT are all with DDM function.Such design can satisfy a better demands for the clients.

Welcome to purchase fiber optic products from Shenzhen JFOPT .


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