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Specification of Industrial-rade SFP Module

Edit: JFOPT-A   Date: 2019-01-16

    Shenzhen JFOPT can provide clients with both commercial-rade SFP module and industrial-rade SFP module.

    Firstly,according to the application environment , the SFP module can be divide into two types : commercial-rade SFP module and industrial-rade SFP module.

Commercial-rade SFP module is  the most common ,the most widely used products , its operating temperature is 0 - 70℃;

Industrial-rade SFP module can be applied into a relatively harsh environment,  with a big difference operating temperature which can meet the temperature requirements of -40 - 85 ℃.

   SFP module operating temperature can affect the parameters of the SFP module.When applying the ambient temperature of the SFP module is changed, the SFP module operating current will be changed accordingly as the temperature changes, will also lead to the parameters of the SFP module is changed, thus affecting the normal transmission wrok  of the entire SFP module.

   How to control the industrial-grade SFP module normal transmission work? Shenzhen JFOPT can ensure the stability of industrial-rade modules  from the following points:

1. Harware requirements:

   IC(chip) and TO CAN (laser)can must reach to industrial-rade  temperature rade .

2. physical cooling:

   Use heat dissipation silicone in the module to do physical cooling, so that TO heat can be  dissipated as soon as possible . This is the high-temperature cooling.

3.temperature compensation:
    With emperature compensation software, when the temperature changes, the working current supply of controling the SFP module stability can make the SFP module do stable transmission work under different operating temperatures.

    Temperature compensation do this work with every increase or decrease of 5 degrees (or 10 degrees) to a node to calculate its slope, the results of the optical module and then write the corresponding IC (chip) inside. For finishing this work, our technicians must before stay in the front of high and low temperature cycle aging box for several hours or  even longer , spent a lot of time. Increase in raw material and manufacturing costs, which is why industrial optical SFP modules product prices are higher than commercial grade optical SFP modules.

    After warming and warming before operating current comparison chart

    The optical module 85 degree heat when it is not written in Warming eye diagram (Picture 2) is abnormal, of course, all the parameters of the optical SFP module are being changed; when being wrote warming ,an abnormal eye diagram  become a perfect eye diagram (Picture 3), the normal eye diagram should contain from "000" to "111" in all state groups, eight states form an eye diagram.

    Our R & D engineers will adjust the module operating temperature under a high temperature of 90 degrees to promise our products high quality!

    Shenzhen JFOPT is a professional manufacturers of fiber optical SFP  modules , we not only pay attention to the raw material selection for the industrial-grade SFP modules  but also to take temperature compensation   measures  to ensure that our industrial-grade optical modules can work normaly under harsh environments.

    No matter from the r&d level, detail level, Shenzhen JFOPT are with more focus and attention then others , hope our efforts can get the customers’ recognition and affirmation!  



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