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How to Select and Maintain SFP Transceiver

Edit:   Date: 2019-01-16

With the development of optical module industry, more and more customers begin to pay attention to their stability and reliability. Regarding to SFP transceiver, in the currency market, there are three types: the original, the second hand and the compatible. As we all know, the original SFP transceiver is high cost. As for the secondary optical module, its price is relatively low, but the quality is not guaranteed, often occur the data package loss after about half year. Therefore, many manufacturers have turned their attention to the compatible SFP transceiver. Indeed, the compatible transceiver performs as well as the original one, but at much lower cost. That is why the compatible transceiver is hot sale.
Then how to select the good compatible transceiver? We JFOPT below introduce some feasible ways.
1. Discriminate between the new SFP transceiver and the second-hand one
It is mentioned that the second-hand transceiver usually occurs the data package lost after about half year. It is caused by the unsteady optical power and low optical sensibility. So the direct way is to test the optical power, and compare the test result with the data sheet. If the optical power is much different from the data sheet, it would be second-hand.
2. Take care of the after-sale service
The life span of SFP transceiver should be 5 years. It is hard to recognize the transceiver good quality or bad n the first year. But from second year or third year, they will act much differently. We JFOPT guarantee 3 years warranty for all SFP transceiver.
3. Guarantee the compatibility
Before purchasing, the target equipment brand and model have to be informed, in order to guarantee the compatibility between SFP and equipment. To ensure the good performance of compatibility and operability of SFP, we JFOPT inspect every SFP via various tests before shipment, including materials, parameter, transmitting distance, switch compatibility and aging test.
4. Temperature stability
Finally, need to see how the temperature stability of SFP is. The SFP transceiver is usually used in data center or on switch, where the temperature would be different in large range. It would be affected by too high or too low temperature on optical power, optical sensibility etc. Usually SFP transceiver works at 0~70°C. But if the environment is too harsh, SFP transceiver should be made according to industrial standard -40~85°C. Considering the temperature, we JFOPT choose the suitable hardware and preset temperature compensation software to ensure the stability.

Once SFP cannot work well (transmitting end or receiving end), please analyze the problems from the following aspects:
1) The fiber port is stained by dust because of exposure in the air;
2) The fiber port is stained by the dirty end face of connected FO connector;
3) The end face of pigtail connector is scratched caused by improper use;
4) The poor quality patch cord cannot work well
So after select SFP transceiver, it is better to pay attention to the cleaning and protecting for it. When the fiber port is unoccupied, it should be covered by dust cap, or the dust would pollute it to cause link error.



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