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The Differences between SFP+,SFP and XFP

Edit:   Date: 2019-01-16

10G module has gone from 300Pin, XENPAK, X2, XFP development, and ultimately achieve 10G signal transmission with the same size SFP, which is the SFP +. SFP + has  meeted the equipment needs of high-density optical modules with its miniaturization ,low cost and other advantages , has become the 10G mainstream instead of XFP gradually.

SFP Moule--- Hot-swappable small size module, the highest rate of up to 4G, use of LC interface.
SFP+Module--- Standard size module, the work rate is 10G, which can meet the application of 10G Ethernet.
XFP Module--- SerDes 10G optical transceiver module is a standard module.

SFP Module ---

SFP+models advantages:

1. SFP+ modules is with more compact dimensions than X2 and XFP (the size is same as SFP);

2. Can be connected with the same type of XFP,X2,XENPAK directly;

3. With cheaper cost than XFP ,X2 and XENPAK.

The differences between SFP and SFP+:
1. SFP size is the same as SFP+ ;

2. SFP highest rate can reach to 4G , but the SFP+ rate can reach to  10G;

3.  SFP  comply with : IEEE802.3, SFF-8472.

4. SFP+ with digital diagnostic monitoring function ;

The differences between SFP+ and XFP:

1.SFP+ and XFP both all are 10G fiber optix module , and both can  be exchanged with other types 10 modules ;
2. SFP+ size is smaller than XFP;

3. As with smaller size , SFP will move  signal modulation function, serial / deserializer, MAC, clock and data recovery (CDR), as well as electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) function from the module over the board cards;

4.XFP comply with: XFP MSA;
5. SFP+ comply with : IEEE 802.3ae、SFF-8431、SFF-8432;
6..SFP+ is more mainstream;
7.SFP+ comply with : IEEE 802.3ae、SFF-8431、SFF-8432.

Although they have their own differences, but the fiber optic modules which provides by JFOPT can be  compatible with Cisco, Avago, Extreme, Huawei, H3C, ZTE, ZyXEL, Juniper, Alcatel, D-LINK, HP switches.

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