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Solid LAN Cable Vs Stranded LAN Cable

Edit:   Date: 2019-01-16

      Besides the specification of cat5e, cat6, and UTP, FTP, there are still the differences between solid cable and stranded cable.

    Due to the different structures, the solid cable is more rigid than stranded cable, and the cable is easier to break, so usually solid cable is used for immovable installation, such as pipe work.The typical transmitting distance is 100 meters. And it is more convenient in line connection and equipment connection.

    The stranded cable is softer and more flexible, which is mainly used for the occasions which need to be moved, such as the power distribution box. Stranded cable is usually made of patch cord for short distance 50 meters maximum. Stranded cable is more adaptable than solid cable, but the cost is more expensive relatively.

   In general, the solid cable is better than stranded cable on transmitting, but stranded cable is more stable than solid one. So we usually choose solid cable for immovable installation, and choose stranded cable for patch cord.

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