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The Differences Between Structure and Installation of PDLC and ODVA Connectors

Edit:   Date: 2019-01-17

As the weather of base station in the wild is very bad, we usually use some special fiber optic connectors to ensure the communication devices work normally. The most common waterproof fiber optic connectors are PDLC and ODVA.


Firstly, structurally, PDLC is with press + thread locking way, namely cable and connectors to press the lock; The PDLC connectors and the adaptors on base station equipment  are with a thread lock way. (As shown below)


Secondly, in terms of installation, PDLC can be  installed flexibility,which DLC connectors in side  is free to expand and rotate; PDLC connectors are not convenient enough to operation comparing with ODVA connectors.


ODVA fiber optic connectors locking way is the screw extrusion + triangle card buckle  , that is the cable and connector with screw locking ;ODVA connectors and the adaptors on base station device are with a triangle card buckle locking way..

On the mounting, ODVA quick installation, DLC connector is fixed in advance of the ODVA connection, after the docking can complete the installation. Of course, the drawback is not flexible enough, maintenance, disassembly inconvenient.

ODVA connectors are easy to install , the DLC connector is fixed in the ODVA connectors ,which can complete the installation at one time after the docking . Of course , the ODVA connectors are lack of flexibility and not easy to disassemble during the maintance.

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