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How to produce Outdoor Fiber Cable

Edit:   Date: 2019-01-17

Step: Fiber Coloring - Adding Loose Tube  - Stranding  Loose Tube  - Adding Armour and Outersheath

The Specifications Are As Following:

1.Fiber Coloring
Fiber coloring process line is used for coloring the fiber with various bright , smooth , stable and reliable colors , so that people can identify the fibers much easily during the fiber cable production and operation . The main raw materials for the fiber coloring process are fiber and coloring ink , coloring ink colors are divided into 12 kinds(fiber optic industry stand);And there are two stands chromatography , A: Natural(White), Red, Yellow, Green, Grey, Black, Blue, Orange, Brown, Violet, Pink , Aqua( Radio ,Film and Television  Standard); B: Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Grey, Natural(White), Red , Black , Yellow, Violet ,Pink, Aqua (Information Industry Standard) . Without prejudice to the identification of the case allows the use of natural color instead of white; If the users require the fibers quantity of per loose tube over 12core , we usually distinguish the color of fiber by paiting color points.
The fibers must meets the following requirements after coloring
①Colored fibers doesn’t migrate or fade (After wiping by butanone or alcohol ,neither doesn’t migrate or fade ).
② fiber optic cable tidy, smooth, not chaotic.
③ fiber attenuation must meet the requirements, OTDR test curve without any stairs and so on.
Optical fiber coloring  equipment is  fiber coloring machine, fiber coloring machine is made from the fiber portion actinomycetes, molds and colored ink system, UV curing oven, traction, consisting of fibers, electrical control part and so on. The main principle  is  UV-curable pigmented inks be coated on the surface of fibers by color mold ,  then fixed on the surface of the fiber after being curinged by the ultraviolet curing oven , and become the fibers which are east to distinguish. The ink is UV curable ink.

2.Loose Tube Machine
Optical fiber loose tube technology is to choose suitable polymer material (usually use PBT), using the method of extrusion under the condition of reasonable process, to put a suitable loose tube for the optical fiber , at the same time fill a gel between the tube and the fiber which with  long-term stability chemical physical properties , viscosity, good waterproof performance and good protection performance , is fully compatible with the loose tube material .

The Main Control Indicators Of Loose Tube Machine Are As Following:
① Control of fiber excess length.
② Control of loose tube outer diameter.
③ Control of loose tube thickness.
④Control of the gel fullness in the tube .
⑤For the colorful loose tubes , the color should be clear, consistent and easy separation.

Optical fiber secondary coating technology use optical fiber second coating machine ,the coating machine is made up of fiber pay-off stand, gel filling device ,drying device , plastic extrusion host, warm water cooling tank, wheeled tractor , cold water cooling tank,blow dry device,online measuring caliper,haulage, store line device, double base line and the electric control system, etc.

3. Cable Stranding Technology

Cable Stranding Technology  is an important process during the fiber cable manufacturing. The purpose of the cable stranding is to increase the softness cable softness and bending property ,to  improve the fiber cable tension and temperature characteristics, at the same time, to produce different fiber counts fiber cable through combinating different numbers loose tubes.

The Main Control Indicators Of Cable Stranding Technology Are As Following:

① Control of cable length of lay.
② Control of water blocking yarn of lay, and yarn tension.
③ Control of the tension for cable paying off and take up .
Cable Stranding Technology use cable machine , the cable machine are made up of strength member pay-off device , tubes pay-off device , SZ stranding machine, positive and negative yarn device, double traction , traction line and electrical control system, etc

4. Sheath Technology

According to the different cable laying conditions, cable core with different sheaths to protect the fiber under the different conditions meet different conditions .Cable sheath as a protective layer of cable against outside all kinds of special and complicated environment must have excellent mechanical performance, environmental performance and  chemical resistance.
Mechanical performance refers to the cable must stretch by different kinds of external mechanical forces, lateral pressure, impact, torsion, repeated bending and bending effect during the laying and operation,  the  cable sheath must be able to withstand these forces.  
Environmental performance refers to the cable can withstand the normal ultraviolet  radiation, temperature change , moisture erosion during the all life time .

Chemical corrosion resistance refers to the cable sheath can tolerate  the corrosion of acid, alkali, oil, etc of the special environment. For a special
performance ,such as flame retardant ,we must use the special plastic sheath to  ensure performance.  

The Main Control Indicators Of Cable Sheath Technology Are As Following:
① The clearance between the steel tape (aluminum) must be reasonable.
② The lap width of the steel tape(aluminum) must meet the technology requirements.
③ PE outersheath thickness must meet the technology requirements.
④ Cable printing letters must be clear , complete , length mark must be accurate.
Sheath Technology use cable sheath extruding machine which made up of  pay-off device, steel wire pay-off  device, steel (aluminum) tape corrugated molding device, gel filling device,  drying device, extruded host, cooling water tank, haulage, take-up device and electric control system, etc.

Above descriptions are  the regular stranding outdoor fiber cable processing technic, such as  GYFTY,GYTA,GYTS and so on ; Central loose tube fiber cable ,such as GYXTW or GYXTC-8A(S) can be without stranding steps during the production; 53 series cable needs to be put double sheath .

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