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Introduction of Outdoor Optical Fiber Cables

Edit:   Date: 2019-11-06

According to the using environment, optical cables are generally classified into indoor optical cables, outdoor optical cables, field optical cables, submarine optical cables, etc. .

Today we’re going to introduce the structure of outdoor optical cables.

1、Tube-stranded type

Tube-stranded fiber optic cable structure is a round cable core composed of multiple twice-coated fiber optic loose sleeve or tight sleeve twisted around the central reinforcing part, and the cable core is coated with water resistance belt, steel armor, aluminum armor and other components and then coated with sheath (GYTA/GYTS, etc.) or directly coated with sheath (such as GYFTY).

The number of fibers contained in the tube-stranded fiber cable is large, which can achieve 2-144 cores or even 288 cores or above.

Tube-stranded cable’s mechanical and environmental performance is good, which is suitable for pipelines, directly buried or overhead. The disadvantage is that the structure process is complex, the production process is tedious with much material consumption.


2、Central tube type

Central tube cable structure and the manufacturing process is simple, whose protection of optical fiber is better than other structures of optical fiber cables. The resistance to side pressure improves the stability of network transmission;

Optical cable section is small and weigh lightly, which is suitable for overhead laying;

The disadvantage is that it can not contain too many fiber cores, generally not exceeding 24 cores.The fiber length can not be well controlled, and the loose sleeve of the finished cable will shrink.


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