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Multicore MTP Pigtail Trunk Application

Edit:   Date: 2019-11-12

MTP pigtail trunk cable mainly has two application scenarios. The first application is shown in Figures 1 and 2, when the cable needs to pass through a small pipe, and the pipe size is too small to allow MTP connector pass safely.The second application is shown in Figure 3, when deploying a pre-terminated fiber optic cable, the specific length and path are uncertain, or branch requirement is uncertain.



MTP Pigtail trunk splice with a MTP pigtail (SOC) 

Terminated a single multicore MTP pigtail trunk. This application requires that the terminals be in the same cabinet or in the same area.


MTP Pigtail trunk splice with multiple MTP pigtails

When a multicore fiber optic cable needs to be distributed to multiple regions, a single multicore trunk fiber cable can be used to splice multiple small cores trunk pigtails. As shown in figure 5, one data center campus connects multiple different distribution areas. This application increases the utilization of path space within buildings.


Multicore Ribbon Cable Solution 

Some applications and deployment scenarios may require ultra-multi core fiber optic cable. For example, when deploying a 1728 cores fiber optic cable, it will face the challenge of routing pipes. At this time, it is more suitable for a multicore ribbon cable solution. The termination scheme includes:

• Fusion to pre-branch distribution box 

• Fusion to the splice box

Each solution is based on different application environments and scenarios, design requirements and installation requirements. The factors that need to be considered to evaluate these options include: 

• Deployment speed

• Product quality performance

• Bandwidth migration requirements

Of course, due to the variety of scenarios and requirements for data center fiber cabling, deployment scenarios are also diversified. Specific problems need to be analyzed in detail. Any needs and questions please feel free to contact us. 

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