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Introduction of PLC Splitters

Edit:   Date: 2019-11-21

1.PLC Splitters internal structure

PLC products are composed of three partsInput FAChipOutput FA.

As picture 1


The structure of FA

  FA including the cover plate, substrate, fiber soft adhesive, hard adhesive. As picture 1

   Soft adhesive:It is used to fix the optical fiber on the FA cover plate and substrate and protect the optical fiber from damage   

Hard adhesive:Fixed the fiber where among the cover plate,substrate plate and  V-groove inside.



Ø  V- groove is a V-shaped groove evenly distributed on FA substrate plate for placing and fixing bare optical fiber.

Ø  According to the number of channels, V-groove can be divided into 2CH, 4CH, 8CH, 16CH, 32ch, etc.

Ø  According to the number of  waveguide width ,V-groove can be divided into 127um and 250um .


SPL Chip

Ø Structure

      As picture1SPL chip made up chip and cover plate.

Ø The kinds of chip

      According to the number of channels, it can be divided into 1x81x162x8, etc.

      According to the angle:usually divided into + 8 ° and - 8 ° chips..

Ø Waveguide distribution


Polishing angle

+8°’s chip and FA 


Ø -8°’s  chip and FA 


1.PLC splitter classification


    According to the number of product input and output channels, it can be divided into 1x2, 1 * 4, 1 * 32, 1 * 4, etc.

Encapsulation type

    According to different packaging processes or methods, PLC splitter is usually divided into the following five types.

Ø   Splitter encapsulation—— Splitter

Ø   Branch encapsulation——Fan-out

Ø   Mini module encapsulation ——BL

Ø   Module encapsulation——Module

Ø   Chassis encapsulation——Chassis/Panel


1.PLC Product optical parameters

Ø Insertion lossIL)  The relative variation of the output optical power with respect to the input optical power.

                  Mathematical expression IL=-10lgPout/Pin

Ø Return lossRLThe relative change of reflected optical power relative to input optical power.

                  Mathematical expression IL=-10lgPref/Pin

Ø Uniformity(UNI)   To measure the difference in performance between different channels of a device, usually expressed as

                    UNI=IL max-ILmin

Ø Directional (DIR)  Measure the signal crosstalk degree between each channel of the device.

                  Mathematical expression IL=-10lgPout  ch2/Pin ch1

Ø Temperature dependent lossTDLMaximum change of product IL under different temperature conditions.

Ø Wavelength dependent lossWDLThe maximum variation of product IL at different wavelengths.

Ø Polarization dependent lossPDLThe ratio of the maximum transmission to the minimum transmission in a polarized state.

 Inside Tmax and Tmin represent the maximum and minimum transmission of DUT respectively.

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