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What is fiber optic cable

Edit: fiber optic cable   Date: 2019-01-10

Fiber optic cable (optical fiber cable) is mainly constitude of glass optical fiber (as thin as a hair) and the protective plastic casing and plastic sheath .The fiber optic cable does not have gold, silver, copper and aluminum and other metal, usually  have no recycling value. The fiber optic cable is a certain amount of optical fiber cable according to a certain heart outsourcing jacket, and some coated layer of protection to an optical signal transmission lines of communication. Namely: the cable by the fiber (optical transmission vector) formed after a certain process.

In 1976, the United States Bell Institute in Atlanta, builting the first optical fiber communication experiment system using a fiber optic cable containing 144 fibers of the fiber optic cable manufactured by Western Electric Company. Using commercial fiber optic cable in 1980, made ​​by a multimode fiber trunks between the Bureau in the city and a few long-distance lines. Made of commercial SM fiber optic cable in 1983, long-distance lines. In 1988, the connection between the United States and Britain and France across the Atlantic undersea fiber optic cable laying success, and soon built the first undersea fiber optic cable across the Pacific. China  developed by a communications cable, multimode fiber cable core structure for the layer stranded in 1978.

Carried out field trials in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan and other places. Soon after the interoffice trunks in the local telephone network as a trial, after 1984, and gradually for long-distance lines, and began to use single-mode fiber. Communications cable with greater transmission capacity than copper cable, relay distance, small size, light weight, no electromagnetic interference, since 1976 has developed into a long haul, the city relay, offshore and transoceanic submarine communications cable transmission line, as well as local area network, private network backbone, and to the area of the city subscriber loop wiring network, fiber to the home, the wide-generation integrated services digital network transmission lines.

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