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Types of fiber optical patch cord

Edit: fiber optic cables   Date: 2019-01-10

Types of fiber optical patch cord

Fiber patch cord (also known as fiber optic connectors), is a fiber optic connectors which are access to the optical module , various, and can not interoperate with each other.

SFP modules, with the LC fiber optic connector, while the GBIC connected SC fiber optic connectors.

The following are the detailed description of several commonly used fiber optic connectors in network engineering :

?FC fiber optical patch cord: External strengthen the use of metal fastening method for the turnbuckle. Generally used in the ODF side (patch panel)

?SC fiber optical patch cord: connector to connect the GBIC optical modules, and its shell is rectangular ,fastening method is the use of plug pin latch type, do not need to rotate. (Routers, switches, the most widely used)

?ST fiber optical patch cord: commonly used in fiber optic patch panel, shell round in shape, fastening methods for the turnbuckle. (For 10Base-F connections, the connectors are usually ST type commonly used in fiber optic patch panel)

?LC fiber optical patch cord: connected to the SFP module connector, it uses the convennient operate modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism . (Commonly used in routers)

?MT-RJ fiber optical patch cord: Both send and receive ,the square fiber optic connectors, and one dual fiber transceiver ST, SC connectors commonly used in general network. ST inserted after rotating a half weeks of a fixed bayonet, the drawback is easily broken; SC connector plug directly, easy to use, the drawback is easy to fall out; FC connectors general telecommunications network using a nut screwed onto the adapter. advantages of solid, anti-dust

The disadvantage is that the longer installation time. MTRJ type fiber optic jumper by two high-precision plastic molded connectors and fiber optic cable. Outside of the connector is a precision plastic parts, including the tight organization of the push-pull plug card. For indoor applications in the telecommunications and data network systems.

Fiber modules: general are hot-swappable-GBIC fiber-optic interface and more for SC or ST type; SFP,that is , Small package-GBIC fiber optic LC type.

Fiber:1310 Single-mode:

SM:L, wavelength long distance LH wavelengths 1310, 1550

MM: SM wavelength 850

SX / LH can use SM or MM fiber Pigtail connector marked, usually,we can see the FC / PC, SC / PC, etc., its meaning is as follows:

1 "/" the front part shows connector types of pigtail "SC"is the standard rectangular connector, engineering plastics, high temperature, not easily oxidized advantages. Transmission equipment sidelight interface generally with

SC connector

"LC" connectors and SC connectors are similar in shape, but smaller
"FC" is a metal connector, usually used in the ODF side, pluggable metal joints more often than plastic.

There are varieties signal connector, besides, MTRJ, ST, MU and so on,

2 '/' behind that is the cross-section technology of fiber optic connectors, ie, polishing "PC" is the most widely used in the equipment of telecom operators , the joint cross-section is flat.

"UPC "attenuation is smaller than the "PC", generally used for devices with special needs, some foreign manufacturers ODF frame internal jump fiber with the FC / UPC, mainly to improve the indicators of the ODF device itself.

In addition, more applications in CATV broadcasting and early "APC" Model Pigtail head with the inclination of the face, and can improve the quality of television signals, mainly for the reason that the TV signal is analog optical modulation, when the connector coupling The surface is perpendicular to the reflected light returns along the original path.

The fiber refractive index profile of uneven will again return to the coupling surface, although the energy is very small but for the analog signal can not completely eliminate the noise, so the equivalent of a clear signal superimposed on a weak signal with a delay performance is ghosting on the screen. The pigtail headband inclination enable the incident light does not return along the original path. Generally there exist no problem in digital signal

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