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Fiber optic network

Edit: fiber optic cable   Date: 2019-01-10

Fiber optic network

We can divide this word into 2 parts, fiber optic and network. When it terms to fiber optic ,we can take this description that fiber optics are thin filaments of glass that transmit light and carry information from one point to another at the speed of light.While Network, just as its name implies, the network is the physical link connected to the isolated workstation or host together form a data link to achieve the purpose of resource sharing and communication.

Therefore,  In the telcos, singlemode fiber is used to connect long distance switches, central offices and SLCs (subscriber loop carriers, small switches in pedestals in subdivisions or office parks or in the basement of a larger building). Practically every telco's network is now fiber optics except the connection to the home. Fiber to the home is not yet cost effective - especially since most homes do not want (nor are willing to pay) for the high speed services that would justify fiber optics.

Most fiber optic products are generally used in this areas ,such as CATV,LANS and some other social networks. Lots of other networks use fiber. CCTV is often on fiber for it's distance capability. Industrial plants use lots of fiber or distance and noise immunity. Utilities use it for network management, liking its immunity to noise also. The military uses it because it's hard to tap or jam. Airplanes use it for that reason too, but also like the lighter weight of fiber.

Fiber is important to us, while some others always ignore this, then why use fiber and whats the importance, lets discuss it . Telcos use fiber to connect all their central offices and long distance switches because it has thousands of times the bandwidth of copper wire and can carry signals hundreds of times further before needing a repeater. The CATV companies use fiber because it give them greater reliability and the opportunity to offer new services, like phone service and Internet connections. Both telcos and CATV operators use fiber for economic reasons, but their cost justification requires adopting new network architectures to take advantage of fiber's strengths.

So when it comes to costs, looking at the cabling component costs may not be a good way to analyze total network costs. Consider the total system and you may find fiber looks a lot more attractive.

Fiber optic industry is a promising industry, so, as a member of the fiber optic area, I firmly believe that benefits , chances and challenges will be more and wonderful.

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